Is it possible to highlight the text color in the color selection dialog?

The question refers to Calc.


There are at least choices for/by:
(1)Page Background colour, (2)Cell Background colour, (3)Font Effects - Font colour, (4)Font Colour palette (Icon), (5)Background Colour palette (Icon). In addition there are Border Colours for pages and for cells.

The text of a cell can consist of differently coloured ‘Textfields’ …

In case of (2) the colour is “highlighted” (by a border and by naming it). In other cases you find highlighted the most recently chosen colour … In case of (3) you find a sample text …

“The question refers to Calc.” You might want to be a bit more specific.

Thanks for your reply.

Most of the time my cells only have one font color. In this case it would be nice if this color is highlighted in the dialog box. I often want to apply this color for other cells.

In other cases you find highlighted the most recently chosen colour
I use Libre Office under Ubuntu 14.04. There are no recently chosen colors available.

Think you can’t get what you want the way you are trying. If there are some text colours you want to repeatedly apply, the best way should be defining cell styles where these colours are set. Applying the same cell style will result in the same colour of the text - and you can see and change the style assignment in the ‘Stylist’ (‘Format’ > ‘Styles and Formatting’). Predefined cell styles you can also use for conditional formats and using the function STYLE().

Yes, I know about styles… But I still don’t understand why the highlighting of font color is so complicate to implement. It’s just the same way you implement the highlighting for font type and font style, for example. This works also perfectly in Calc, Writer, MS Excel, Word etc…

I dont think it’s extraordinarily complicated. Going the way over ‘Format’ > ‘Character …’ > ‘Font Effects’ > ‘Font colour’ you will be correctly informed.
Ok. You may post a feature- (enhancement-) request concerning the behaviour of the little palette popping up (or down?) after clicking the text-colour-icon.

Okay, the way over ‘Format’ > ‘Character …’ > ‘Font Effects’ > ‘Font colour’ works for me. Haven’t found that yet. Thanks.