Is it possible to impose a limit (columns and rows) on spreadsheet size?

Imposing a limit on spreadsheet size

Could you please describe how this would be helpful or why exactly do you need it?

Thanks mariosv, that prevents me from selecting a cell I don’t wish to use but unfortunately it does not prevent me scrolling too far down or right, beyond the area I am using. I was hoping to be able to limit how far I can scroll down or right to, for example: column M and row 52.

Yes, I am always accidentally scrolling way over to the right of my spreadsheets even when they are only, say, 10 columns wide . I do a similar thing when scrolling down, when dragging ranges especially. If I could limit the size to the number of columns and rows I am using I would never be able to accidentally scroll beyond the extent of the columns and rows I am actually using. It is particularly easy to accidentally do with, an an irritable aspect of, Apple’s ‘magic’ mouse.

Hi TonyS,

there is a way, that I hope will be enough for you.

Set up the cells in the range what you want use as unprotected.
Select the range, Crtl+1 - Cell protection tab - uncheck Protected.

Set up the sheet as protected with select protected cell disable.
Menu/Tools/Protect document/Sheet

  • blank key is Ok
  • uncheck Select protected cells.

Thanks your answer worked for me