Is it possible to include non-outline text paragraphs in outline numbering?

I want to create a document like this template:

1 Chapter One

2 Chapter Two

2.1 Paragraph two-one

some text

2.1.1 continued list item one

2.1.2 continued list item two

Firstly, outline numbering and list numbering are two separate things. An ordered list may use outline numbering (ten set levels) for the identifiers. Any paragraph style not assigned to one of the ten outline numbering levels (e.g., Body Text) will not use outline numbering. These paragraph styles will not display a leading identifier and thus can be used (or created) for paragraphs to be set within an outline in this manner.

Here is an example, using Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 in outline numbering with Text Body for the non-outline text.