Is it possible to link images relatively to document?

In a Writer document I can either embed an image or link to source. However, the latter always seems to use an absolute file path.

Since I want to write a paper in collaboration with others we use a shared drive and have all images in a folder in the same directory as the odt-file. Thus, it would be great if we could link pictures with a relative file path similar to e.g. LaTeX as “./figures/file.png” instead of using the absolute path which is specific to a user’s PC…

Is that somehow possible by selecting a checkbox or the like? Or should I create a bug report/ enhancement request for it?

You can tell LibreOffice to use relative links:

(Full size version of screenshot)

With the option “Save URLs relative to file system” checked, you can move the writer document to another folder / drive, and the image will still get displayed if the relative URL is still valid.

Don’t be confused if the link still looks as if it were absolute. On the “Picture” tab of the pic’s properties, LibreOffice will still show a complete path like “file:///home/user/pic1.png” even when using relative URLs internally.

With different users working with the same file, you’ll have to make sure that every user has this option set - i think this isn’t a property of the writer document, but of the current user’s preferences.

And to turn relative links into files embedded in the document, you can choose “Edit|Links → select the desired items → break links”

The image in the answer looks to be dead, so for anyone else wondering where the setting is, you can find it at:
Tools > Options
then Load/Save > General

The solution offered above does not actually work.

No variation of the above will result in a document with a RELATIVE link to the image (or in my case video) file.