is it possible to link to a named range in another document?

i can link to a range in another document just with both documents open:
go to my target document entering = in my target cell then selecting the source cell in the source document.
this gets me something like ='file:///home/user/full/path/to/mysourcedocument.ods'#$'Source Sheet Name'.A4
( tried to shorten the path to a relative form without success - but that is fine for me at the moment.)

there is a named range for this target cell -
and all my original formulas i want to extract into there own file use these names -
this makes theme much more readable - so i would like to use the names again -
how can i use the named ranges in my target file?

i now will work around this with an INDIRECT and manually created links…

thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

Still not implemented for ODF files Bug 60170 - Extend ODF to allow import and export of external range names.