Is it possible to make an input mask for dates in base?

Is it possible to set things up so that to enter a date so that the user would see something like this: Date __ /__ /__

and be able to hit just the number keys corresponding to the date, such as: 102918

which would be displayed as: 10/29/18

It would be okay with me if this could be set up in the design of the table, or in the design of data entry forms.


The format of the date will need to correspond with the format you have enabled in the table definition. With that said, you would use a Pattern Field on the form for this. In the field properties set the Literal Mask to __/__/__ and the Edit Mask to NNLNNLNN. Your Date would be a label not part of the entry.

For more information on this please see the LO documentation → LibreOffice Base Handbook. Chapter 4 - Forms, Pattern field.

Great, that works. I’m sorry, I have the handbook, but had not read about pattern fields. My mind was stuck on dates and text boxes. Thank you for your answer. I’ll mark this as solved.

Not a problem. Just glad you have what you need.