Is it possible to play ppt embedded sound files in Libre Impress?

My daughter has received school work ppt files with embedded sound.
Is it possible to play these sound files in the school’s lesson?
I couldn’t work out how to do it.

Since you did not provide any technical details - check Media Support - The Document Foundation Wiki

Thanks for the reply.
My daughter received a Microsoft PowerPoint lesson from her school which contained audio coverage of the lesson but the audio would not start. She is using a Windows 10 laptop computer. She has LibreOffice Version: (x64)
Build ID: 4e471d8c02c9c90f512f7f9ead8875b57fcb1ec3
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 17763; UI render: GL; VCL: win;
Locale: en-GB (en_GB); UI-Language: en-US
Calc: CL

This doesn’t answer the question - please edit your question to provide additional information. Answers are reserved for solutions to a problem on this site. And if you are at it, please mention the sound file format (.mp3, .wav, .ogg … or whatever).