is it possible to remove font 'Liberation' from the OS en Office

since a couple of months a font replaces my normal default fonts, in all applications.
it is called “liberation”.
Working with texts and other content takes a lot more time.
Normal is paste and ready.
Now it is paste, select the cell or select the thing with liberation infection, change font en click, ready

I would like to remove the font “liberation” from my entire win10 OS en Libre Office as well,
and advise how to prevent that this font is starting to ruin my work is highly appreciated.
Please be advised that I have already removed the font from my system, yet it shows up default, also you cannot redirect the font in writer options where you can redirect ALL fonts except 1 font, Liberation. It should be called InCaptivity :wink:

Keep up the good work, Marcel

If the liberation fonts are removed from the system, applications different from LibreOffice won’t know of them, I would assume.

LibreOffice: The default templates contain default styles with default settings concerning a font property (paragraph styles, character styles, cell styles). Most of the subordinate styles will show the font defined as the font used by the ‘Default’ paragraph style. This applies specifically to the paragraph styles made for use inside tables or frames if not they were modified in advance.

It’s a bit different for the named character styles, but you may ask for this again if you experience related problems. (Many users never touch named character styles, I would assume.)

Design your own basic templates for the document types you are needing, and replace the predefined default document templates by the new ones making them “Standard”. The font settings made for these templates will be used in your newly created documents then.

If you never modified or otherwise fiddled with LO Writer templates, go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice Writer>Basic Fonts (Western).

This is where Default Style (and default template subsequently) looks for default fonts. Change them to any you like, save, close LO. When you reopen, you new defaults are active.

In case you already changed the default template, see @Lupp’s answer.

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Thank you for the suggestions.

My question how to remove “Liberation sans” from the OS is not difficult to find.
How to remove “Liberation sans” from Libre is unknown? and apparently difficult.
The suggestions from Lupp and Ajirtoss are patching and will not work.
The font shall be returning as soon as you must use the “Text Body” style, because Liberation is hooked to this style?
if you change “Text body” to use another font and save this … it will not change at all as soon as you use it.
So a good solution shall show (in Writer and all other) for the “Text Body” style the font Calibre and NOT Liberation.

Or am I missing something?
thank you very much! Marcel Wierda

May I add. To fresh up things a bit I upgraded to the latest Libre release. Believe it or not, I pasted a text piece and it appeared in calibre, a SECOND paste straight behind the first made a change, the text appeared in Liberation! WHY?

Any modification on a style takes precedence on defaults. My answer assumed you (or circumstances on your back) never played with styles. Upgraded to the latest release resets LO library, but not your user profile (look for “reset user profile” on this site for procedure) where of your customisations are stored.

If you paste a short piece of text taken in the middle of a paragraph, without any “embellishments” nor paragraph mark, you get plain text in default style for this paragraph (no added properties). If the pasted chunk comes from a worked out sequence or contains a paragraph mark, all attributes are imported, potentially overriding properties of identical style(s).

The question is now: where do you get your to-be-pasted text? From a “polluted” document? A possible source of pollution is saving not-native (i.e. .doc or .docx instead of .odt).

Instead of pasting directly, try Edit>Paste unformatted text Ctl+Shft+Alt+V or …>Paste special. Does it cure ?

There is a definite bug here. I’m trying to set my default font as Arial 12pt and it keeps magically reverting to Liberation Sans. I haven’t tried removing yet but using the normal procedure to set the default font does not resolve this issue.

As mentioned in other answers (BTW yours is not an answer but a new question) and comments, changing the default font is ineffective if 1) you modified the styles (notably Default Style or Body Text), or 2) you formatted text directly. Changes override default. Case 2) can be fixed by selecting all and Format>Clear direct formatting.