Is it possible to set a relative DDE from Writer to Calc.

I have several documents that share common changeable information that is stored in Calc. The writer and calc files are in the same directory I would like to be able to copy the docs and calc files to a new directory for a different set of information and have the writer files link to the calc file in the new directory. Using DDE the link stays with the original calc file. Is this possible?

It’s probably an unsolved bug, see: - last edited 2017-07-01

Have a look to the described workarounds.

When copying a cell(s) from Calc to Writer when pasting with DDE link by default absolute path is set to file. Using Edit > Links select link and click Modify. Assuming that the calc and writer files are in same directory then in File window replace the path with “file:./filename.ext”. When both calc and writer files are moved/copied to a new directory the link in writer will find the calc file.