Is it possible to "show/hide" columns on a protected sheet?

I have a sheet with 12 columns (Jan to Dec).
I have formulas in most of the cells in the columns and I have protected the sheet to prevent changes.
I wish to allow users to show and hide columns as they want.
I cannot make this work on a protected sheet. Is it possible to do?

I think you can do it with Menu/Data/Group & Outline

Help Group and Outline

Thanks. This kind of works but not quite the way I would like. My data is in columns “D” through “O”. Today I may want to show "F’ and “G” but not the rest. Tomorrow I may want to show “G” and “H” but not the rest, etc.I do it now on an unprotected sheet by selecting the columns before and the columns after the columns I want to display, then right clicking and selecting “hide”. Easy and simple. I want to do this on a protected sheet.

I think no way, protect between other it’s for that.