Is it possible to show the preview with one page first, then two by two?

As I’m writing a book, I’d like to Print Preview to show page 1 by itself and then the rest of the page two by two (there should be one left at the end, that part works automatically anyway) .

I’m wondering whether it is possible to change a setting for such. Preferably in the current document. Of course, I can always add one blank page at the start. It’s a bit annoying, but the result is the same.

Book View may be what you want. On the right side of the status bar - View | Status Bar if it isn’t showing - there are three layout icons; select the rightmost as in the screen shot below.

Note that this changes the view for all documents opened in Writer until you change it.

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Ah, not exactly what I had in mind, but that works too. it’s the correct view as I edit. Maybe that’s better. :slight_smile: