Is it possible to somehow pass the results of an array formular to another function with a scalar as a return value?

I want to write a function that checks if all fields in a row have values in them. I know that I could do this manually like so:


I do not like this approach as the formula gets very long and is only one part of an even longer formula. Also, I have to update it every time I insert columns in between.

Now my question is: Could I somehow solve this easier using a array formular?

I know that this returns an array with the values I need:

At the same time OR() can also process arrays. But I can’t seem to be able to link those concepts together. Basically what I would want would be this:


It should then return TRUE if any of the fields is empty. Unfortunately, that does not work. Does anyone have an idea how to maybe get it to work?

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Just type =OR(ISBLANK(C2:G2)) and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead Enter


By the way,
will return same result (in this case AND() or OR() just convert number result to boolean)

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Thanks! It was so simple, but I just couldnt find it!