Is it possible to subtract a list of numbers from a total?

Hi all,
I am pretty new to spreadsheets and am trying to keep a running total as I pay down a debt. I have the total in one cell (let’s say C4) and then below I have each month in column B (e.g. B5 Dec 2020, B6 Jan 2021, B7 Feb 2021 etc) and in the C column, I want to put the amounts I pay off (e.g. C5 $300, C6 $800, C7 $500 etc.). I am writing the formula in C30 (at the end of the list of months when I intend to have the debt paid off) and am trying =C4-C5:C29. I have tried doing it with one repayment in C5 and C6 through C29 blank. I then tried putting $0 in C6-C29 thinking maybe it needs at least some figure in there to calculate properly. But no go - I get a #VALUE! error message.
Help! It would give me great satisfaction to learn how to do this! (rather than having to manually calculate each month!)


Try: =C4-SUM(C5:C29)

Absolute legend! Thank you!

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