Is it possible to tell Calc put five lines (rows) of data in five columns and then repeat the process for the next row?

So I got a text file with data. Every piece of information is in it’s own line like this:


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So my question is: is it somehow possible to by copy-paste, import or other way to tell Calc to insert (paste whatever) the info for Thing1_info1 to Thing1_info5 in a row (across five columns) and then Thing2_info1 to Thing2_info5 in another row just under it.

A large part of my data is of the format shown here so 5 pieces of data for every ‘thing’ but having a way to tell Calc ‘go to a new row’ if you encounter character like a semicolon for example would be better.

Note that I’m fairly new to Linux and LibreOffice (not that I would know how to do this in Excel - just saying).

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Your question here is more precisely as your crosspost in german forum

So this is like the same forum?

I didn’t know that. If it’s forbidden then I apologize. I can delete it if it’s against the rules.

It’s not forbidden but it’s some bad behaviour to the volunteers not placing a link between them.

see my answer there

You may read the tutorial here first.