Is it possible to turn M/F values into Boolean number format?

I have a large dataset where one column has M or F (male or female) string values.

I think that I can set Number format for this column as BOOLEAN. This way I could operate in the column as if were numbers.

I see the post, where my question is answered, perhaps, but I cannot figure out how to do it. Please, a word of advise.

I do not want to rewrite the column with search/replace (I know it’s feasible, but I’m exploring this possibility of working with the data as is…)

The problem is: Formatting does NOT change data. So setting a number format for Text will be ignored (or to be more precise the fourth segment of the formatting will be used for text in a cell for numbers: @
So while it is easy to show something different for numbers, it is impossible to do the reverse for the cell. However: You may use the solution with =IF wich erAck gave in your linked thread in other cells:

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You are totally right!

What a misconception I had!

Yes, I’ll change according to erAck. Thank you!