Is it possible to use Google-Noto-sans-CJK-JP font in TexMaths?

In TexStudio (Linux/Fedora 38), the following code produces a correct result:

% \usepackage{luatexja-fontspec}
			\text{V} \\ 
		\end{array}\right\} & 
		\multicolumn{1}{l}{\text{Jisho}} \\
			\text{な-adj} \\ 
		\end{array}\right\} &
			\text{Jisho} \\
	\text{のは N}\textsubscript{2}\text{です}

Schermafdruk van 2023-10-25 21-50-06

I copied the same code to TexMaths and in the TexMaths System Configuration, I changed the font to Noto Sans CJK JP. But here this code produces this result (In TexMaths I edited the preamble and selected LuaLatex as compiler):

Schermafdruk van 2023-10-25 21-54-09
Is it possible to use Google-noto fonts in TexMaths?


Make a search with keywords “math font”. There are related questions solved. Regards.

At some point, while searching for a solution, I saw the word dvisgm. I don’t know what this word stands for but I remembered having seen this word in the TexMath System config. After installing dvisgm (sudo dnf install texlive-dvisvgm -y) I could add /usr/bin/dvisvgm to the path.
The result is not perfect but is acceptable. Probably the result can be improved after some finetuning in luatex-ja.

dvisVgm (you omitted a letter) converts from classic “device-independend” format created by TeX to “scaleable vector graphics” wich are understood by software outside the TeX-world.