Is it possible to view two calc sheets side by side?

I have one calc file with several sheets. I would like to see two of those sheets side by side, a bit like it can be done in, say, a file manager (like the two panes mode or two tabs in Nautilus, for example).

Is this possible?


Yes, it’s possible, but not fully built-in. This is a two steps process.

  1. Once your file opened, click Window > New. This will open a new window for the same file (the file is not opened twice). A change in the first window will automatically be seen in the new one.
  2. Assuming you use Unity, focus the first window (by clicking on it for instance). Then press Ctrl+Super+Left. Focus the second one, press Ctrl+Super+Right.
    The Super key is also known as the Windows key.

If you use another desktop environment, there should be a way of semi-maximising.


Cheers, perfect explanation!

In the tabbed interface, it’s View -> New Window button on the far right for me.

How to view two calc sheets side by side?

Choose Window-New window.

Align the windows with your window manager

Thanks a lot for that! Even though you gave the same answer, I had to choose hyogapag’s because of the extra precision. Cheers!

Simpler answer does translate to MacOS X environment easily.