Is Libre Office Online project ready for production deployment? If I want to integrate it in my commercial app, how should I proceed?


Also, as seen here: LibreOffice Online | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

There is a notification when more than 20 connections… is LibreOffice online still so unstable it can’t be used in production for more than 20 connections?

Thanks in advance.

LibreOffice Online may be used with as many connections as you wish. But you should make no mistake: there’s no one providing free support for businesses that are the primary users of such products. And no matter how “ready” a project is for production, no business can ever deploy such solutions without dedicated support. The support may be offered by third-party companies for fee; or the business may grow own competence using own paid staff. But someone needs to learn the internals of the product, and be ready to solve difficult questions inevitably arising when using complex server-side solutions like LibreOffice Online (and other components that necessarily also are required, like file hosting services). Those who provide such support, do not claim that TDF would support the software (something that TDF, being a non-profit organization not doing commercial operations, couldn’t do anyway). They build own custom builds of Online, and those builds have support. TDF provides non-supported build of Online, and for that reason, that build includes a warning appearing when the connection/open documents limit is reached.