Is LibreOffice available for Kindle Fire and other tablets?

Dear LibreOffice,

I’ve been interested in creative writing for a good number of years now and I’ve been using the LibreOffice suite for a while. It works very well on my desktop computer at home and I’ve especially used the Word portion of the suite for the creative writing purposes. But I’ve wanted to take LibreOffice to the next step and download LibreOffice onto my Kindle Fire so I can write wherever I am.

The problem is though is that when I try to find LibreOffice online, they don’t have it. The question is simple: Is LibreOffice available for the Kindle Fire and other tablets? If LibreOffice is not currently available then can you make it available for download and use on them?

I would greatly appreciate a response from you as soon as possible. Thanks.

P. Martin.

No, LibreOffice is not available for Kindle Fire, iPad, Android tablets or phones.

Refer the answer here for Android status.