Is recover possible?

An entire day of work lost in the Excel format of Libre, even with save selected after every entry. Is it possible to recover any of the extensive data or any clue on what happened?

No clue as you didn’t say what exactly happened.

  • Lost as in “file is missing”, “file is empty”, “file content reverted to yesterday’s state” or what?
  • Excel format, but which one?
  • Save selected by menu “file - save”, shortcut key ctrl+S, click the floppy icon, enabled autosave?
  • Every entry meaning every completed row, or after every new cell was filled in?
  • Are you sure that you opened the correct file? Could it be a template file, directing you to save with a new filename?
  • Do you save to a folder with cloud sync, or directly to remote storage (which one)? Any chance that the file is concurrently accessed by other processes (shared file/folder, or you logged in from different places)?

Answer one or two of the above questions, and we may begin to have some clue.