Is such use of memory in Writer normal ?


I’ve just achieved a 16.04 Ubuntu fresh install. However, I didn’t keep the default LO repositories because I consider that the 5.1.6 version is to old. I now use the version Note that I’ve set up the memory option to 400 MB (and 12 MB per object). Quickstart is also enabled.

Now, I’m surprised to see LO using 750 MB with only one document opened (6 pages with no illustrations, no web link, no tables, just text). It increases by 100 MB for each new document opened, but it never decrease when I close one. Moreover, if I let it open all the night, it often increase up to 1.25 GB without any seemly reason.

Is such use of memory is normal ? Does not it a little bit too much ?

That is not normal. Quickstarter doesn’t seem to properly release memory but even with that I can open 4 writer docs of 5-20 pages with images & still use only about 137 mb. Mint 18.2 with LO Without Quickstarter all memory is released immediately.

Sorry, I was not informed of your comment. Thank you for that ! I’m reassured… I will try to delete my profile folder. If nothing better happens, I’ll make a bug report.