Is SVG export broken in Draw 4.4.1?

I’m getting really erratic results in LO Draw 4.4.1 when I try to export a “selection” to SVG. Sometimes the canvas comes out in the wrong size, sometimes the canvas is the right size but it’s blank, sometimes shapes and lines are cut off. It just doesn’t seem to work at all. Thoughts I’d ask here before filing a bug or duplicating bug reports. Anyone else have trouble exporting selections as SVG? Or does Draw behave better with other vector formats?

SVG handling has had numerous problems, however they are slowly being addressed. This recent commit fixes a problem related to a selection in a formula, yet may improve the canvas problems indicated.

A patch has been added for this;a=commit;h=cacc3a0e7f7b04240daf63b45e457428388f4929 not sure when it will be merged into the next release