Is there a better way of getting a web page into Writer than cut and paste?

Dear Folks–
I realize this makes me a neanderthal, but I do not absorb large blocks of text or complicated graphics well from the computer screen. I can deal with journalism, but when dealing with data or code I often resort to pasting pages into Writer and then printing them. the reason that I don’t just print them directly is that most web pages are too lavish with white space to be sensible when reduced to print.

However, there are some problems that consistently arise when I do this. Graphics are often dramatically misplaced and hard or impossible to move. The underlying page structure, which is often a table of some kind, is sometimes tractable and sometimes intractable. Things like maps can usually be resized, but they often take up a whole page no matter how small you make them, and they usually appear to ignore, e.g. text wrapping.

Is there a better way of importing that produces a result that is easier to edit? Or is there a family of tricks to fix broken parts of web page imports that I could learn?

Why not save a page with its contents from your browser to the local disk and then open it in Writer?

@gabix Because if I save as “Webpage complete” i.e. including graphics, I get a folder with a bunch of things in it, not a single file. If Writer has a way of opening these webpage folder, I don’t know what it is.Is there such a feature?