Is there a character limit in Calc footer? I want to put a 367 character text in the footer (centre) and Calc keeps truncating it to 225 characters

Can somebody please check if this is true? It’s driving me crazy. Thanks.

Can’t confirm this with V Just tested with 520 characters in the mentioned place, and got them all as expected in an exported pdf. Did you print before counting the characters?

Try closing the file and re-open it and check again!

No change.
You surely noticed that the areas where the content of any part of the footer can be edited, have no scrollbars, but can scroll nonetheless? (You can’t do it with the mouse-wheel, but need to enter the text, and to use the cursor keys. This “editor” is extremely outdated.)

Don’t save as .xls, save as .ods

@Rexleonis: Oh my? Was it this issue? Always mention if you used alien file formats!
@erAck: Are they (MS) really that far behind?
@Rexleonis again: Don’t use monster footers also in Calc with .ods anyway. Page formats in Calc using headers/footers are very ugly and can’t be adapted to needs. They even refuse date formatting e.g. A repeated row (or 2) in set for the print ranges can do much better in most cases.

I don’t know if that was the case here, but I do know that the old .xls binary format supports only 255 characters. .xlsx would be ok.

OMG guys, that was it!! I was saving as xls instead of ods and my footer got cut/truncated!!! Thank you so much, you are the best!!!

Glad to help. Then please mark the answer as correct by clicking the check mark icon. Thanks.