is there a checksum for libre office extensions?

I see some discrepancies when downloading extensions so I would like to use a checksum to verify.

Please advise.
Thanks, Tracey

There will only be a checksum if the extension writer(s) decide to publish one. I did not find any
on the LO extension site.

What “discrepancies” are you experiencing?

I posted a comment but somehow it appeared twice.
I thought I deleted the 2nd one, but I may have deleted everything.
So I do NOT know exactly what to do now.
I do not want to triple post if the previous post is floating around somewhere.

If you refer to your “answer” with references to SourceForge, then yes, you have removed it entirely. But (1) LibreOffice does not use SourceForge at all, so your repeated references to it are somewhat odd, and (2) your “answer” was not an answer to your question, but should have been either a comment like this, or an edit to original question to clarify it. Only posts that answer the asked original questions should be Answers on Ask site.

As you have been told by @BigRAl, extensions’ pages only contain what the page author decided to put there. As for the es_ANY.oxt, the page points you to the extension author’s web page, where you also can find downloadable packages (which are byte-to-byte identical to those on LibreOffice extension’s page). You should not find it strange that 1 460 673 bytes (=1426.438 KB) is reported as 1426 KB by our site (using round to nearest), but as 1427 by Windows Explorer (rounding up).