Is there a command line for removal of LibreLogo component in Windows?

We have several versions of Libre Office installed on around 200 machines and wanted to know if there was a way to remove the LibreOffice Logo component via command line. (CVE-2019-9848 issue) We cannot update to the latest version just yet, and the process of logging into each machine and going to install, remove the LibreLogo component is very time consuming. If there was a way to do this via command line we could complete this process much faster. Thanks in advance for your time.

By the way: CVE-2019-9849 has nothing to do with LibreLogo, so its removal will not mitigate that CVE.

I have updated the question to remove CVE-2019-9849, thank you for letting me know.

Use installer’s REMOVE property:

msiexec /i <path\to\LibreOffice_ver_Win_arch.msi or GUID> REMOVE=gm_o_Pyuno_LibreLogo

You may obtain the GUID of your used version searching for “LibreOffice” under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall (the GUID is the name of the regisrty key, and also in its ModifyPath and UninstallString values).

For several versions, you would need several such commands using GUIDs, each suitable for corresponding version. All commands with GUIDs for not installed versions would fail (the check is fast); so just creating a batch with a series of the commands and running them on all machines would be enough.

Of course, you would need to add a silent installation command-line switch (e.g., /qn); also, in the batch file, you likely would need to prepend the commands with start "" /WAIT to serialize their execution.

This worked like a charm. Thank you!!