Is there a function to return the value in a listbox without using vba or a macro

I have a very simple spreadsheet I use to calculate postage costs. I would like to have a single form control that contains 3 options: Standard Envelope, Large Envelope, Post Card.

Creating the control was simple enough.

What I can’t for the life of me figure out is how to extrapolate the user’s choice without having to resort to VBA, Basic or a Macro.

Is there a function I can use that will return the value of that single ListBox so I can use the value to calculate the postage?

If not, can you tell me the simplest solution to return the value … and I have no idea how to use macros, vba or basic. Or rather, my feeble brain no longer recalls how. (Age has devastated my memory.)

Thank you.

97001.ods (17.9 KB)

Don’t worry about it, everyone does it.
If there are only three values, then you can write a long, but essentially simple formula, for example, with the IFS() function

=IFS(A2="";"";A2="Standard Envelope";1;A2="Large Envelope";2;A2="Post Card";3)

Thank you, John. I’m slow but I did finally figure it out and it works perfectly! This will save me a great deal of time. I especially appreciate the sample calc sheet. That made it fool proof.