Is there a Goto page function?

I am editing large documents, more than 200 pages.
As editor I pretty much know where my content is located at, so a function to enter page “137” to set focus there would be highly appreciated.

Such a goto function could bring up a dialog and allow jumping to:

  • page numbers
  • headings
  • anchors (references)
    in a way that does not require access to a pointing device and mouse positioning.

Access via keyboard shortcut to such a dialog would also be appreciated, as I don’t use pointing devices to be as efficient as possible.

I think we had such functions within word processors in the past, so the question is where it is, if it still exists.

regards, Oliver.

Edit - Go to Page, Ctrl+Shift+F5

[Edit]After that, press Ctrl+A to select all text in the edit area, then type the page number and Enter. I’m not sure that you even need to know where the focus goes, you might do this without even looking.

The ‘Navigator’ (F5) should offer a pair of up and down arrows and a control (with spin button) where you can enter the number of the page to go to. This is, of course, the physical page number, not one set by special means.

(I personally consider it a bug that the second control does not synchronise if the pair was used.)

Great, did not recognize the focus went to the navigator view after using Shift+Cmd+F5. So far, so good, it even works to set the focus on the target page. Perfect. The shortcut requires some key press effort, but I can change that to an easier one.

Is there a way to navigate the focus into the headings list? A more direct way? I recognized, when using F6 several times, the focus is getting place on the view’s title text, then pressing TAB moves focus into the list. A more dedicated keystroke would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your answers :-))

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I don’t know if there is a way to do what you want.