Is there a "hide white space" in LO Writer?

I just downloaded version Is there a way to “hide white space” like in MS Word?

This MS Word feature basically closes up the space between text at the end of one page and the beginning of the next, without changing other formatting. This is not like web layout. All the other margins and formatting stay the same. “hide white space” only changes the view so that there is not space at the bottom/top of pages in multi page docs. There have been lots of inquiries about this…

Maybe this has been added and I just don’t see it?


Take a look at the parent bug status (yours is a duplicate, if you take a closer look), it’s still NEW: fdo#39080

That said, I don’t think this is appropriate place to discuss this new feature. It should be done either on devel mailing list or in the comments of bug fdo#39080

But as stated there, this is too much work to be an easy fix, so if you could find a way to sponsor implementing it or hire a developer or do it yourself, it would really help. If not, it’s not even worth chiming in there, they already know it’s important.

Before I chimed in anywhere, I wanted to know if the feature was already in v.4. It would not be the first time that I did not immediately see something that was actually there.

Agree that this is not the right place to discuss if it’s not already a feature.

Thanks for linking to the proper place for comment. I wrote comment #10 there.