Is there a hotkey to maximize a window?

Why is it not possible to assign “maximize window” to key combinations? I can’t even record a macro to do that.

I can use alt-F5 to unmaximize a window (I’m not sure whether this setting is built in to LO), but I don’t have any way to assign “maximize,” or to record a macro to do it.

It appears it is possible. Why do you assume it isn’t? :wink:

Resizing, hiding, showing and maximising windows is handled by the windowing management system, which is operating system dependent.

For Mac OSX, I can recommend the free and open source application Spectacle, but Ubuntu has that functionality built-in: press Alt+Space together, release and press M to maximise. For Windows, Microsoft lists keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7, including Windows logo key + Up Arrow to maximize the current window.