Is there a "/" key menu option setting in Calc?

I use to always set Excel to the Lotus 123 “/” key menu select option in the preferences. Is there an option to do that in Calc? (So when you hit the slash key, the Calc main menu is opened.)


Something like the Alt key?

LeroyG, I’m working on a Mac, and I’ve tried the function, control, option and command keys, individually and with the forward slash key, and none invokes the main menu.

and all the F keys… no go.

I may have found a solution for you. You will need to test this out and report back here. Check, Tools/Customize in the dialog that opens select the keyboard tab. There are options here for what looks like adding key-combos to LO. There are two sections “Shortcut Keys” and “Functions”. This might be where you can add 123 style slash menu operations. YMMV on what LO can do as compared to 123, as today’s spreadsheets have far more options to work with.

Good Luck! , I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

P.S. You question has helped finding a possible solution for a user of Writer who has an issue with navigating page by page. Hopefully this will set of options I discovered for you, will help them as well.

Still working at it - cannot seem to find the main menu access “code”, and it doesn’t look like I can add the forward slash key as a shortcut, but I can modify the open F keys.

hey quatro pro person, i agree with you totally on this point. it is a great feature to work through commands with the “/” key. that is what made lotus 123 so great. it let you navigate where you wanted to go without raising your fingers off the keyboard. i think you have to be a tough-typist to understand. you could press the “/” key, and then it would give you options all the way drilling down, lke if you pressed /w, then it would list the worksheet options, then you would just press one letter, and then it would give you those options. this reminds me of wordstar, where you used to be able to move your cursor one to the right, up, down, left. i miss all of that.’

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