Is there a keyboard shortcut for selecting spelling suggestions?

When typing something that the automatic spelling corrector detects are erroneous, the text is underlined by a wiggly red line. To choose one of the suggested corrections, I’ve always right-clicked the mouse to get a context menu with the suggestions. Is there a keyboard shortcut to access the context menu and/or the suggested spelling corrections?

Added image to show pop-up menu:

(edit: activated screenshots)

It’s not a LibreOffice-specific question; rather, this is a question “How do I open context menu on my OS?”

For macOS, e.g., internet search gives this and this among other results.

Filed tdf#128695.

What about the +F10? Or it keyboard supports, the “Menu” key between AltGR & Ctrl.

As @vsfoote discovered in the bug I mentioned, the Shift+F10 combination (and dedicated menu key where exists) is already handled in code, and should work on any platform, including macOS. So please check as asked above.

To my knowledge, I’m not trying to open the MacOS specific context menu. I might be mistaken, but I do believe that it is LibreOffice that shows a “native” menu with spelling suggestions when a squiggly-lined word is right-clicked. As seen from a screen shot in the original post, it has LibreOffice specific entries such as setting the language for a paragraph.

@vsfoote, the shift-F10 does the trick! Thanks!

And I checked the discussion in the filed report, thanks for the research and the resolution.

The menu TOOLS > SPELLING indicates F7 will bring up the spelling menu on my system. Have tried that?
VIEW > TOOLBAR will give a list of useful toolbars for you to try.

I must have been ambiguous in my question - did you understand it?

On MacOs the Tools-menu starts with

Automatic Spell Checking

None of these pop up the context menu with spelling alternatives.

Spelling… opens of course a dialogue.
Automatic Spell Checking is a setting to be toggled.
Thesaurus… is of course something entirely different.

Further down is the Auto Correct with submenus, out of which no entry shows the alternative spelling corrections.

My mistake. You did not say you were using a MacOs, which is rather different from the Linux system I use. Is there not a way to find this normal function on a Mac?

My comment above is screwed up format-wise. I would assume the menus are the same or similar, no?

I added a screenshot of my tools-menu in the original post.

As the helpful responders say in the comments to one of the answers above, the answer is that the context menu is accessible via the shift-F10 (Shift-Fn-F10j shortcut.

Thank you all!