Is there a library of macros?


Is there a webpage where a lot of macros are listed, where people can copy them and upload their own?

I find interesting macros on AskLibreOffice but it has needed sometimes to browse through multiple pages. And there are a few times quite old so I guess several people would be happy to upload their own version.

Thanks a lot!

Of course, such resources exist. For example, one of them is the Code Snippets section of the English-language forum. A good collection of working macros recognized Andrew Pytonyak’s book. Built-in office libraries (for example, Tools) can also be considered a collection.

The main problem of such collections is that they grow very quickly and after a while it is difficult to find something in them. Google search helps a little, but it too, cannot always find the desired snippet.

Very useful thanks a lot! There’s only 3 pages so it’s not too huge to peruse through… quite manageable