Is there a LibreOffice port for OpenBSD running on sparc64?

Are there plans for an official port and support on OpenBSD sparc64?

I’m still using OpenOffice 3.3 on OpenBSD 4.9 sparc64 and I will appreciate to migrate to the new generation product.

Hi @kalta59, Did you ever find a build of LO that would work on your hardware? Did you ever try to build LO from source?

Hi Anonymous,

so there’s an openbsd port for sure here - does that work for you?

Thanks MagicFab, but this version is only for OpenBSD i386 platform. I’m searching for OpenBSD Sparc64.

Hi @kalta59,

It appears that the answer appears to be ‘No’ – there is no current OpenBSD Sparc64 port of LibreOffice.

Would you like to help us make such a build available? If you can get the suite building on that platform and help us out with a builtbot, then my guess is that the devs would be happy to have your help!