Is there a light-weight command-line editing tool for fodt files?

We are using Git for just about everything now. Thus, we began storing our documentation in a LibreOffice Flat file fodt format because it merges well in Git. Editing with LibreOffice isn’t a problem on my laptop or workstation and when viewing the flat file with VIM/less/cat on the command line I just ignore the XML. Things are good.

Well I ran into an issue this weekend where I didn’t have access to a GUI, logged in via SSH, and found some documentation that needed to be updated (a big edit). A small edit I would trust being OK, but a large edit with VIM without something checking/fixing/whatever the XML worries me. Thus, I created a seperate text file, made all my changes, and when I was back at a system with a GUI, I merged the documentation into the fodt file with LibreOffice.

This is obviously not ideal as it increased the amount of work, time, and computer systems needed to edit the document.

My InternetSearchFoo has yet to turn up something useful for editing fodt files on the command line. I haven’t found a VIM plugin or anything yet. Anyone have any tips on modifying a fodt file on the command line?

I am not looking for a full command-line equivalent of LibreOffice, just something I can make minor basic changes. I will settle for just being able to edit the text without screwing up the document format (vi+xml check for example) but font, size, paragraphs would be a huge plus, headers and page breaks would be nice but I can do without.



Should we assume you have got to things like this xml.vim script or the suggestions noted in this StackOverflow vim/xml Q&A?