Is there a limit of the data in the database?

Access has a two gig limit of data allowed in the database; SQL Server express has a four gig limit; does Base have a limit and if so, what is it?

I’ve culled this text from the HSQLDB site FAQ which may help answer your question:

What is the biggest known HSQLDB database?
The current size limit of an HSQLDB database is 8 TB for all CACHED tables and 256GB for each TEXT table. In addition, maximum totall lob size is 64TB. If you use large MEMORY tables, memory is only limited by the allocated JVM memory, which can be several GB on modern machines and 64bit operating systems. We have performed extensive tests with the latest versions using the TestCacheSize and other test programs inserting millions of rows and resulting in data files of up to 16 GB and larger LOB sizes. Users have reported the use of databases with up top 900 million rows.

CLARIFICATION: The standard BASE database, which is HSQLDB v1.8 and integral to the .odb file, I believe (and i could be wrong) operates aa a single in-core file so it is likely that you’ll be limited by the size of your computer’s memory. However if you split the database and move to HSQLDB v2.3.3 then the above quoted limits apply.

If anyone else knows more please feel free to correct.

Hello, thank you for your answer. But My problem is not solved The problem is: Once I add records more than 41… Database doesn’t take it. Say for example, using database form, I have inserted info of 68 employees of my company to database. Then I save the form, close it, save the database, then reopen the form. Now, once I reopen my form, I am supposed to find 68 employee’s informations. But I find only 42 employees info are there. The rest are vanished. :thinking: But, once I open the table, it shows 68 records. But form shows only 42 records. Why???

Please attach your database editing your question to get someone taking a look. (Remember anonymize the data in the file.