Is there a limit to the size of charts in calc?

Sometimes when I try and create a chart the result misses out selected data series, even when only 2 columns have been selected.

Is this because of some limit to the number of rows that can be selected?

What does “misses out” exactly mean? An entire data series not displayed? Some individual values not displayed? The maximum that theoretically can be displayed is of course one data point per pixel…

Please try to come up with a reproducible example that demonstrates the problem, as explained with more details under bullet point 3 in guidelines for asking.

Each data point is a selectable object. Therefore it is very expensive to have a lot of data points. How many data points do you want to generate?

I have not had the problem you describe, but a trick I have used to make it simpler (and safer) to create charts is to first select only a limited range of data for each series, say the first 20 data points. Once I have the chart set up the way I want it, then I edit the data range of each series to include the full set of data points. With over 4000 data points each month, my charts are slow to load, edit and save. I hope this will encourage you.

Sorry, this should be a comment NOT an answer… (I figured out how to change it…)

There is clearly a limit in the number of datapoints shown in a graph. I have a dataset that has 68,235 rows with 6 series. Each row only has one value in it. The last point plotted on the graph is at the x=59,148 value.

A BUG: I just plot a symbol on the graph, no line. But it is impossible to set transparency for the symbol. The transparency only applies to the line used for each series.

ANOTHER BUG: If you edit the font or whatever for the data labels, the number format is reset to “source format”. It is annoying to have to edit everything multiple times because things keep getting reset.

Go figure… how many pixels are available on your screen for the chart’s X-axis. Certainly not 68235, so chart can draw only every x-th data point.

@erAck - while that may be true, it does not explain why the last point plotted in the graph is x=59,148 where there are 68,235 rows in the data.

We don’t know your data nor your chart; for me with 68,235 data points the ~last data point is 68213.

@erAck… I will repeat what I said previously… I had 68,235 rows in the graph data. Each row has an X-value, plus 6 series. Only one of the series in each row actually has only a value. So there are 68235 rows * 6 datapoints per row, or 409,410 datapoints (excluding the x-value).