Is there a list of formOperations.execute() statements?

I’ve got some old macros that run in Base that I didn’t comment enough, and I’m going through and altering them, and I can’t recall what some of the commands are supposed to do.
Many of the lines end with “.formOperations.execute(?)”, where ? is some integer, like 9, 8, 11, 4, or 5.
I believe I was using some reference document that told me what these did, but Uncle Google doesn’t seem to find it, anymore. Can anyone help me with this?


Try this → com::sun::star::form::runtime::FormFeature Constant Group Reference

Thanks so much!

Also, something else I’ve since discovered is that execute(1) (MoveAbsolute) does not work, since it requires a parameter (the absolute record to go to). Instead, executeWithArguments(1, targetrecordnumber) should be used.