Is there a method to go back to previous rows when searching through a big table?


When you search through a really big table with data (let’s say 10 000 rows) and you want to go back to the previous “place” in the table, how can you do that?


  • I was browsing a big table and stopped at rows 567-590
  • I searched for a phrase
  • I’m at rows 2300-2335
  • I want to go back to rows 567-590 (roughly)

Thank you all for answers.


For the Find&Replace dialog there is a new option with the coming version 5.2, you can test per-release version.

image description

But in my example, the “previous” place hasn’t derived from me searching for a phrase. I was just browsing. Sure, when I’m going to do find&replace I’ll feel free to use the option but otherwise, I won’t be able to go back neither.

Ctrl+Shift+T, type 567, Enter.

(LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1)

Ctrl+A before 567, or else it would prepend the existing address - tested on