Is there a portable version for Linux?

Is there a Libreoffice archive that can be run directly on multiples UNIX systems ? My aim is to run it on Debian-like and RHEL-like distributions, withtout installation : I would only need to extract an archive and run soffice.

This would be use a conversion service on a server, so no GUI is needed.

If it does not exist, what are the build options that sould be used with to compile a multiples OS version of LibreOffice ?

If it is simply a “conversion service”, then have you thought about using Pandoc?

Have you seen the detailed Linux install instructions? That might cover your scenario. See also the “headless” ApacheOpenOffice install, which might hold some clues for your situation and LibO.

Thanks, but I need LibreOffice, another service isn’t an option in my case.
“headless” ApacheOpenOffice install uses DEBs (or RPM). My aim is to extract an archive and run soffice, as would a portable version do.

As far as I know, there is no portable Linux version…

Ok, I thought Building LibreOffice on Linux and *BSD systems: Tips and Tricks would be a solution, but I couldn’t get a Libreoffice working. So I thought that maybe someone got the same problem and already built a portable version for Linux.