Is there a quick way to add a thicker border to a selected group of cells?

Excel has this borders dropdown:

image description

It allows you to very quickly add a variety of different border types to a selected group of cells, including a “thick border”. Although Libre has something similar:

image description

…these are the only options, and they are all 0.75pt borders. Am I right in thinking there is no way to change this, so we can QUICKLY select say, a “thick border”? I know I can select → right-click → format cells → border and then change thickness to say 3pts, but that obviously takes a lot longer.

Hot key is, Ctrl+1

Ah, thanks, that at least takes me to the border dialogue quicker. I still have to manually set the line width and then also select the “out border” button, so it’s pretty slow for someone used to doing it in seconds. I guess I can make some kind of macro or style for that.

P.S. Made a macro in the end and added it as a toolbar button, easy-peasy.

Ah, nice! I will keep that in mind! Also (forgot) to repeat last edit. Ctrl + Shift + Y. I learned hot keys by looking at them on the pull downs.