Is there a quick way to switch between programs?

I can pin any particular program to the start menu, but I don’t want to fill it up with ALL the LibreOffice programs. Is there a common gateway that allows me to navigate between LO’s various programs?

In the Windows Start Menu, under all programs, in the LIbreOffice folder, there are seven icons. One of them has a grayish, blank icon (as opposed to a coloured icon with an image in it) and titled LibreOffice and nothing after it. Run that either a couple times for it to show on your start menu or pin it to your start menu. From the LO Start Screen, you can choose previous files or start blank files for each of the applications.

You can also activate the quickstarter that will show up in your applet tray. Find it under Tools, Options, LibreOffice (click the + to expand), Memory, “LibreOffice Quickstarter”, Check “Load LibreOffice during system startup”.

To run the quickstarter without rebooting your machine, find it in c:\program files\libreoffice\programs\quickstart.exe or in the program files (x86) folder depending on 32bit or 64 bit.

Thank you so much!