Is there a reason copying from notepad and pasting into Calc work at first but completely stop working over time?

I just started using LibreOffice because I want to stop using Micosoft products. I was excited to know I could do my excel work in Calc, so I just opened my existing xlsx files in Calc and continued working in them. I do a lot of copying data from websites and pasting it into my spreadsheets. To eliminate formatting problems I usually paste the data from the websites into notepad first, and then copy and paste it into my spreadsheet. At first I notice some slight problems with pasting into Calc, but I thought I just did not know the program yet. And I was able to paste the data into Calc but over time it became increasingly more difficult to paste into the program. Now no matter what I do I am not able to copy and paste into Calc. Is there some known reason for this behavior? It has caused me to abandon using LibreOffice because it is not able to do such a basic function as copy and paste. If this is a known bug I will return to LibreOffice when there is a fix. But if it is not, then that would lead me to believe there is either something I am doing out of the ordinary or the Calc program is intentionally not allowing me to paste, but not telling me why. If that is the case I would like an explanation.
I am using LibreOffice and running Windows 10 Home, Version 20H2, OS Build 19042.928.

This is likely tdf#62196 and tdf#136175, which are fixed in version 7.1.2 and later. But impossible to tell definitely, since you didn’t provide any useful information, including LibreOffice version and even what “more difficult to paste into the program” might specifically mean - no pasting? pasted wrong content? error messages? something else? And even that you use Windows is only my guessing based on mentioned programs.

… and if you are using a clipboard manager.

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Thanks for the response. I am not using a clipboard manager. And to clarify the problem I am having is specifically I am not getting a paste option in Calc. I will download the latest version of LibreOffice and see if that fixes it. Thanks.

The latest version (“fresh”) is for users who are tolerant of a few not-yet-fixed bugs, as are developers, while the most recent stable version is recommended for users who want more guaranteed performance, as in enterprise environments. (First sentence deleted by LeroyG).

@ve3oat OP has a fundamental paste problem that must of us don’t experience. There is a fix in 7.1.2 for similar issues. I think it is worth a try as he may not be able to use LibreOffice otherwise. Anyway, the point 2 indicates the initial teething problems have been mostly addressed

If Mike Kaganski is right Jarret has to try V7.1.2 or accept the problem, as the bug-fix will not be backported in near future. Maybe it is a good idea to check with PortableApps

@LeroyG Thanks for editing what I could not. Appreciated!

I have the same problem too. I tried both fresh 7.1.2 and still (on win 10) and paste works only the first time. Then I have to close and reopen the program. Copy-and-paste works on all other programs, it is clear that it is a libreoffice problem and windows cannot be blamed.

I found a workaround. If, after the paste, you press CTRL-C inside libreoffice then you’re able to copy and paste again from outside LO.

Oh, I now recalled tdf#116983 comment 92 and later, until 97; and I realize now that full fix (including tdf#140813) was only implemented in 7.1.3. Version 7.1.2 only had a partial fix, which only made the problem a bit less often.