Is there a Refresh All (Excel) button equivalent in Calc?

This option is available in MS Office Excel as shown here:

Refresh All button

It can be used to refresh not only the formulas in a spreadsheet but also all data sources e.g., Pivot Tables. Is there an equivalent in LO Calc?

Thank u.

Answer is now out of date!

In the Tools menu, the submenu Cell Contents has a menu item Recalculate. That is what you are looking for. It has a shortcut key: F9 by default. For Pivot tables, there is another menu item called Refresh (in Data > Pivot Table).

In my installation, Calc is setup to auto-recalculate, so I should not have to press F9.

A hard recalculate can also be forced using CTRL+SHIFT+F9. Related help page. Not sure this offers any advantage in the case of a Pivot Table refresh being required.

It Not work…

Doesn’t work on my copy either…

Thanks that answers my question.
It not complete. I have many hint Pivot table in sheet. How i do it?