Is there a shortcut key for "find" under "edit" in libreoffice

I am using libreoffice Version (Build ID: 400m0(Build:2)) on an asus 900a running ubuntu 13.04. I thought that when I first loaded everything all I had to do was press ctrl+f and a “find” line would appear at the bottom of the screen and the cursor would be ready to type in my selection. that no longer happens. i can get to “find” in the toolbar under “edit” and the application appears at the bottom of the page. perhaps i was dreaming, but could you tell me if such a shorcut key exist. Thanks.

When you go to edit menu, does it say Ctrl+F next to Find…? Usually shortcuts that are active are displayed next to menu items. If its not then the shortcut needs to be setup.

There is no shortcut shown next to the “find” item in “menu”. Your comment implies that there is a way to set it up. I would like to know how if there is a way.

I am using a release candidate,, under Windows 7 and both the Writer and Calc have shortcut key Ctrl+F to bring up the Find toolbar at the bottom of the document.

Is the shortcut Ctrl+F shown next to the “find” item in “menu” in your application? I do not have that in mine. I thought that it was once there, but it is no longer.

It is there for mine. Do you see other shortcut keys in the menus, e.g., Ctrl+C next to Copy? If so, I wonder if maybe the Tools | Customize | Keyboard settings, ()LibreOffice have Ctrl+F defined as something else or was undefined, or if ()Writer and (*)Calc set have Ctrl+F defined to do something else in those specific applications.

All of the other shortcut keys seem to be there, and Crl+F brings up the whole “find and replace” pop up screen that comes up over the page to be searched. But the “find” screen is just a line at the bottom of the screen and I like it for my applications.