Is there a style that suppresses autocorrect?

I am writing a document with programming code examples. The examples are styled “Liberation Mono” font. It is frustrating when the case or spelling of words are automatically changed. I had a thought about it. Would it be possible to have a special text style ( other than Text Body) that suppresses autocorrection and spell checking?

Autocorrect lists and spellcheck are mostly language-specific. Try creating paragraph/character styles with no particular language specified.

AutoCorrect is a global function related to text entry. It is either “on” or “off” for the whole document. However, some of its actions can be selectively disabled (again on a whole document basis). Go to Tolls>AutoCorrect>AutoCorrect Optins for that.

In case of technical documents, the auto-capitalisation options will be disabled as well the formatting with *, /, - and _ due to their high occurrence rate in computer papers.

Disabling spell checking is much easier. Create a character style with name Code Text which will be assigned Liberation Mono font (don’t give any font size so that it inherits the current font size) and None language. A character style is fine for in-line “quotations” within a paragraph like /Text Body*.

You can also define a paragraph style Code Body with same Font properties and also its own indents/spacing ot background for full code paragraphs.

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