Is there a tabbed control for dialogs?

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I’m sure I saw a tabbed control icon when editing a dialog months age, but had no use for it then. I now have a use for it, but it is not there. Am I going senile, or has something changed? "8-[

Any diagnosis that I am NOT going senile would be appreciated.

Sorry but I don’t recall ever seeing a tabbed control icon in LO. There are artificially generated tabbed forms which may also be possible with dialogs but haven’t tried. In fact, you see tabbed dialogs throughout LO. Don’t know method used.

Also, it may be possible you are thinking of Multi-Page dialogs (see this page). There is a reference to ‘more than one tab page’ in print but not a viewable tab on the dialog.

As explained in the link posted by @Ratslinger, the way to create tab-like dialog controls in LibreOffice is to use a button that changes the Step property. In the past, I have used a button that says “Next.” Then change the button’s label to “Previous” when the button is clicked. Alternatively, create multiple buttons that look like tabs, and set the Step property based on which button is clicked.

I have just looked at the Step property and it will do fine. I will set the tab selection buttons to Step 0 so they are visible on all ‘pages’ of the dialog. Excellent!

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As a further update for anyone searching, you can create dialogs with tabbed pages. There is no icon for it and it created through code. See this post

With Python is easy:

Many thanks everyone for your responses. Evidently I am going senile … what was I saying? ":sunglasses:

I will certainly look further at the Step property, which is something I have always glossed over as “not needed to learn at this time.”

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