Is there a test suite for Excel compatibility?

I’m not familiar with the codebase, but after looking around a bit ( I couldn’t find any sort of test suite for Excel compatibility. If there is one, could someone point me to it?


No Answer - but:

Has you already ask the Excel-guys for test-Suites for Calc-compatibility

Such a compatibility test suite never existed for 2 main key points:

  1. Excel versions would have never passed it (most version changes introduced well known in_compatibility problems),
  2. Such a compatibility test suite would have included computations with wrong results (since some Excel versions were including bugs leading to wrong results, if you want to be fully compatible you should compute the same wrong results). No other editor would have accepted to maintain such bugs.

On the other hand, Microsoft provided compatibility tools to help customers deal with in_compatibility problems from one version to the other: Comptibility checkers.

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