Is there a unique function in LO Excel

What Is the unique function in LO Excel

LO Excel

There is no LibreOffice Excel

LO Excel equivalent…CALC !

I need this .


the bad news: LibreOffice Calc does not have a UNIQUE() function. There is an enhancement request tdf#126573 Add array functions in Calc: FILTER, SORT, SORTBY, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, RANDARRAY to implement such functions.

Hope that answers your question.

You can create your own macro functions, like this MYUNIQUE function in my sample file. Use it as an Array Function of the LibreOffice Calc application.


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  1. A pivot table with a set of row fields displays the set of unique items.
  2. The standard filter has options to filter unique items in place or copy them to some other place
  3. LibreOffice has a database component where this is the most trivial functionality.