What video formats does LibreOffice Impress support?

I had an mp4 video file that wouldn’t work. It said that the video was not compatible. I converted it to a Windows movie file, and it allowed me to put it in my presentation. When I viewed it in presentation mode however, it crashed my LibreOffice. I was wondering what formats are supported to avoid having to randomly convert to formats that I am not sure will work. Thank you for your help.

I am using 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

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It depends on the installed codec support and what the platform-dependent multimedia frameworks (used by LibreOffice) support in the way of codecs:

  • On Windows, LibreOffice can open anything for which DirectShow filters are installed (list of default formats).
  • On Linux, LibreOffice uses gstreamer, so whatever you can play using gstreamer can be used with LibreOffice (list of defined types).
  • On Mac, it uses Quicktime (list of media formats - Apple has now killed this link. Internet archive version here).

LibreOffice by itself doesn’t support any media files (it could play WAVs directly, but that is of limited use, and not sure whether this is gone as well now).

LibreOffice relies on the operating system’s installed media support.

OP: @cloph. Minor edit to add links to the various pages listing the default media support and to clarify the initial sentence.

For increased compatibility across all operating systems where LibreOffice can be used, I would suggest using the Ogg Theora free, open format. This means anyone editing your Impress files will need to install such codecs under Windows and Mac OSX but under Gnu/Linux systems that format is always supported by default.

You can see list of supported video formats, when open the drop-down list of file types near the bottom of the Insert Movie and Sound dialog box. I have no problem with playing video of different formats in my LibreOffice Impress. I suggest you install last codec pack, for instance K-Lite Codec Pack.

on linux install package:
libreoffice-avmedia-backend-gstreamer. This solve any problem!

Thanks a lot, this worked fine for my LinuxMint18!

That worked for me on Libreoffice 7.0 installed on Ubuntu 20.04. Thank you!

I installed the pack, but I didn’t seem to work. I installed the “mega” version.

It plays it if I am not in slideshow mode for some reason.

I think the video format is not the issue here. I’ve used varius formats in earlier versions without problems. But the latest LibreOffice 3.5 Impress version seems to crash when displaying movies of any format in presentation mode. I’ve already posted this earlier (Impress crashes when playing movies). My guess at the moment is that this is a bug in Impress which will be fixed hopefully soon.

I had similiar problem. And I saw that preferred java is Sun, so I installed openjdk-7-jre java package and it works well for now. And approximately 15 hd format videos are added to the presentation. And no crash. Next week I have a presentation and am preparing for it. I hope everything works well.
By the way my OS is Linux. So I don’t know if it helps or not. But, I hope so.

Just adding experience:
I have a .mov file (QuickTime).

  • On Ubuntu, I can play it directly in the mediaplayer.
    And also embed it in Impress.

  • On Win 7 (VM) I also can play it directly in the mediaplayer.
    But when trying to embed it, I get the error “unsupported format”.
    Though .mov files are available in the drop-down list of file types in the dialog.

I have the same issue here… I created a presentation in Linux and embedded a few vorbis audio and video files. All plays well in Linux, the separate files play wel in Windows with the installed VLC media player and in WinAmp but when running Impress with that file no embedded sound or movie, they seem to have vanished from the .odp altogether and it is impossible to add the .ogg although they do show up when I start to embed. The .oga video file does NOT show up in the dialog box at all. This truly is a VERY bad bug in LibreOffice, this way I cannot possibly defend to anyone to ditch MSoffice for LibreOffice. The only way to see the full presentation is to use Linux… That is simply a bridge to far for most users.

Just tried: .wav works and .mp3 works… But NO free format…:-((

I have a presentation that runs in LibreOffice 3.6.3 Impress with Ubuntu Linux 10.04 and 12.04 but running the same presentation with LO 3.6.3 in W7_32 bit the embedded audio and video files do not play and even seems te have vanished form the file. They are Vorbis and Theora files and both play in WinAmp, IrfanView and VLC media player so this cannot be a codec issue! Trying to embed gives the “unsupported file” issue for .ogg and .oga is not shown in the dialog at all. So I will not be able to distribute it for having someone to install LO is one thing but installing Linux is definitely a bridge too far for most users, however hard I try to convince people… This simply MUST be fixed. Pity that I am not a programmer myself.

Well, I now installed the K-Lite Codec pack and: Lo and behold, it works, my embedded .ogg and .ogv files play in LO in Windows as well. So just having VLC installed seems not to be the answer unless I forgot to add something during installation. The basic version was sufficient. Thanks Irishman!